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where packaging is linked to your ideas to create unique projects

Make your brand look memorable.

Through our Tailored Packaging service we can manage both small runs and large-scale production for you, always guaranteeing the highest quality of Made in Italy, thanks to artisanal experience and the effectiveness of industrial production.

This allows us to offer high quality products that meet different needs. Furthermore, this flexibility allows us to guarantee personalized support, regardless of the extent of your request, always proposing optimal solutions to best communicate the values ​​of your Brand Identity.

Our Story

Founded in 1974, CO&IN has always been committed to offering you products that not only meet aesthetic needs but are also functional and sustainable.

Our Sectors

  • Fashion & Luxury Clothing


    • Clothing
    • Clothing
  • Fine food & Spirits


    • Food
    • Food
  • Care & beauty


    • Cosmetics
    • Cosmetics
  • Objects & furnishing accessories


    • Design
    • Design
  • Choosing CO&IN means relying on a partner that offers complete control of every process , thanks to integrated software that manages estimates, orders, warehouse and shipments in an efficient and timely manner. Our customized logistics service is ideal for brands that need reliable support for managing shipments, including all customs procedures .

    We stand out for the great variety of products , capable of satisfying multiple customization options. This characteristic allows us to collaborate successfully and satisfactorily with large international companies .

  • Our profound knowledge of materials combines with the relentless pursuit of innovation . Over 1,000 types of papers and cards, plastics, fabrics, cords and other components are readily available to meet any production need. Our printing techniques , such as letterpress , hot foil and holographic foil , are just some examples of the technologies we use to ensure optimal results.

  • Since 2018 we have obtained FSC® certification , which testifies to our commitment to the use of raw materials coming from responsibly managed forests. Furthermore, all paper and plastic waste from industrial processing is 100% recycled , demonstrating our ongoing commitment to reducing environmental impact.

  • Our branding solutions include a wide range of unique and innovative products , perfect for every type of need. From hangtags to button bags to woven labels, choose how to highlight your brand.

    We are manufacturers of small format packaging solutions .

    Each of our packaging solutions is designed with an eye on sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and processes that minimize environmental impact.

    Customization doesn't stop at design: we also extend our innovations into materials and production techniques, adopting practices such as the use of eco-friendly inks and production processes that respect rigorous environmental standards.

    We can adapt every aspect of the packaging to the specific needs of the customer, offering targeted solutions . Through personalized and sustainable Made in Italy packaging we operate daily in the fashion, beauty & care , food & beverage and design sectors.

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