Personalized Security Seals

  • MOQ: minimum 1000 pcs
  • EDT: 30 days

CO&IN security seals, also known as security seals, are essential to guarantee the protection and integrity of products. Mainly used in the clothing sector, these seals are highly versatile and also suitable for other sectors.

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  • We offer a wide range of customizable security seals, designed to meet specific security and branding needs.
    Made with high quality materials, they can be customized with logos and finishes to add distinctive value to your brand.

    They can be a solution to avoid false returns in e-commerce or to hang a tag on a bottle, in metal or plastic, adjustable or fixed, with GOTS cotton or biodegradable plastic cord, with an always impeccable and personalized aesthetic.
    In fact, each seal is a safety device which, once closed, no longer allows reopening, thus guaranteeing originality and traceability of the product to which it is linked.

    Our security seals are available in multiple shapes and sizes, and can be made with cotton, rayon, or satin cord, offering fully recyclable or biodegradable options. Our advanced printing technology allows the inclusion of details such as QR codes, ensuring a finished product of high safety and quality, with an eye towards sustainability.

    Innovation and Design in CO&IN Security Seals

    Thanks to constant innovation and craftsmanship, CO&IN combines traditional methods with cutting-edge technologies to offer security seals that not only protect products but are an integral part of branding.

    Founded with a strong passion for excellence, CO&IN actively seeks to develop solutions that reflect the brand's identity and strengthen product safety.

    Sustainability and Efficiency of Security Seals

    Our security seals reflect our commitment to reducing environmental impact, using sustainable materials and low-waste manufacturing techniques.

    Compliant with the Global Recycle Standard and possibly with GOTS cotton cord or completely biodegradable, our security seals are concrete examples of our responsible approach, which extends to our entire range of customizable packaging.

    In addition to security seals, CO&IN offers a series of eco-friendly products, such as sustainable button bags, eco-friendly hang tags and recyclable folding boxes, all designed to integrate environmental responsibility and functionality.

    Discover Our Innovative Packaging Solutions

    Browse the sections of our website to explore the wide range of security seals and other packaging solutions that CO&IN offers.

    Every step of our creation process, from design to manufacturing, is taken care of to ensure that the packaging not only effectively protects but also promotes the principles of sustainability and innovation.
    Packaging solutions that combine safety, aesthetics and environmental responsibility, guaranteeing a distinctive and environmentally friendly branding experience.

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