Innovation and Sustainability in Customized Packaging

People and the environment are our heritage; creating something beautiful with them and for them is our mission.

Make your brand look memorable.

  • At CO&IN Tailored Packaging, we are dedicated to providing customized packaging solutions , enhancing your products through unique designs and sustainable raw materials.

    Our commitment extends beyond simple manufacturing; we actively collaborate with you to develop customized packaging that not only protects and promotes your products, but is also a tangible expression of your values.

    We are experts in the production of small format packaging such as hangtags, sachets and security seals, and we stand out for our ability to offer a wide range of customizations even for small runs .

    This includes the use of special techniques such as biodegradable lamination and printing with vegetable-based inks, adopting advanced ecological solutions . From graphic design to digital and offset printing, every step of the process is guided by our experience and cutting-edge technologies .

    Through the use of recycled and recyclable materials and maintaining low-impact, zero-mile production , CO&IN is committed to reducing environmental impact while providing solutions that stand out in the market for their uniqueness.


  • 01

    We are thrilled

    When it comes to our work, we are always hungry for new techniques and innovations.

  • 02

    We welcome change

    We adapt, improve and evolve as we grow. We face every challenge with an open mind and heart.

  • 03

    We take care

    We take care of each other and our surroundings. We take the time to ask questions, set intentions, and commit to doing things right.

  • 04

    We show empathy

    We believe in creating new paths and uniqueness. We want to listen to you authentically, with the honest intention of understanding your perspective and ideas.

  • 05

    We move fast

    We are flexible and agile. We pay attention to every detail, combining centuries-old techniques with latest generation machinery.

  • 06

    We have fun

    We have a positive “doing” attitude. We love what we do.

  • Recognizing the importance of sustainable practices, we use FSC® certified eco-friendly and recyclable materials in our manufacturing process. All the eco-sustainable actions put into practice deeply reflect our environmental responsibility.

    Our vision of eco-sustainable customized packaging goes beyond simple certification. It extends to the implementation of industrial recycling practices and zero-mile production , which allow us to minimize waste and maximize energy efficiency.

    We are committed to seeking solutions that combine the premium aspect with the eco-sustainable aspect.

    Through ecological design in packaging, CO&IN is committed to developing solutions that satisfy both aesthetic and sustainability needs.

    Our research in the field of ecological personalized packaging demonstrates that luxury and eco-compatibility can go hand in hand , offering brands the opportunity to communicate their commitment to the environment through conscious choices and with a strong visual impact.

  • Our approach combines advanced technological innovation with an artisanal approach , allowing us to manage a large variety of customizations while maintaining the focus of attention to detail and distinguishing ourselves from the market.

    We can ennoble your products thanks to the use of special and UV offset printing technologies, screen printing, hot foil printing, embossing and debossing, ad hoc die-cutting.

    We are committed to offering you complete support , accompanying you through every stage of the process of creating your customized packaging, from design to production .

    Our solutions cover the needs of various sectors on a daily basis, including packaging for the fashion, food, cosmetics and design sectors , ensuring that each product stands out for its elegance and functionality.

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