Crafted to Disappear – CO&IN's project for Avant-Garde 2024

We’re all about killer design and a bit of a rebellious streak. It’s what helps us create projects that chat with the world and its people—no judgments, no assumptions—just good vibes and open dialogue.

So, when Packaging Première dared us to cook up something for Avant-Garde, we jumped at the chance. We had to dive into a topic close to our hearts: the future of packaging. Imagine a world where AI meets old-school craftsmanship, eco-friendly vibes blend with eye-popping visuals. Intrigued yet?

That's how "Crafted to Disappear" was born. Instead of handing out answers, we wanted to pose a question and leave you wondering.

A Revolutionary Design

"Crafted to Disappear" is a box entirely made of mono-material, characterized by a colored microwave and a tag made of soluble paper. This project is a perfect example of how innovation and sustainability can be combined. The box is printed with soy-based ink, features dry embossing and a woven paper ribbon.

The Experience of Fading

The heart of the project is the soluble paper tag. By immersing it in water, it will dissolve before your eyes, creating a unique and memorable experience. This feature symbolizes our commitment to a future where packaging not only captures visual attention, but is also designed to reduce environmental impact.

We brainstormed with artificial intelligence, got our hands dirty with some good old-fashioned craftsmanship for the prototyping, and then cranked up the production line. "Crafted to Disappear" isn't just a product—but a statement: an invitation to rethink our approach to packaging design, combining aesthetics, functionality and sustainability in one revolutionary solution.

In a world where pollution moonwalks and artificial intelligence is smarter than a squirrel in the morning, our challenge lies in the question: how can packaging survive? If it is worth producing, can we create goods with a strong visual impact but which leave as little a footprint as possible? Crafted to Disappear is a changing project, we thought it would be agile.

Crafted to Disappear has an eco-sustainable vocation and has an answer to everything, even to the question "how does a chicken get into a box"? The answer, of course, is inside the box!


Modular and customizable design

The design of "Crafted to Disappear" is modular, allowing the management of multiple references with very few systems. By changing the graphics of the tag, you can customize the box in multiple ways, making it suitable for different branding and marketing needs.

With this project, we don't want to bore you or surprise you. We just want to challenge you: how can packaging survive today? "Crafted to Disappear" is our response, a provocation to rethink our approach to packaging design.

The CO&IN project was selected as a finalist for the Design category by the jury and will be exhibited in the area dedicated to Avant-Garde within Packaging Première & PCD Milan 2024.





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