HEMPACK by CO&IN has been selected for Avant-Garde 2023. Come and discover it at Packaging Première

The fifth edition of Packaging Premiere, an incredible showcase of the best packaging innovations for the luxury and beauty sectors, has concluded. Over 7850 visitors for an event full of innovations, new technologies, future trends and the most surprising designs.

CO&IN Tailored Packaging was the protagonist with the presentation of the Hempack project, selected by the avant-garde jury. We had the opportunity to illustrate Hempack in detail, a self-assembling box project made of 100% biodegradable paper, produced from raw hemp fibre.

Hemp is an annual plant that requires the same pulp production of ¼ of the land as trees and was used centuries before tree cellulose to produce paper. In the production of hemp paper, the natural glue present in the fiber itself is used, with the sole addition of rainwater and no chemical products in the mixture (e.g. whiteners), making it 100% biodegradable.

The production of the paper is located in Italy , where it is hand-worked in vats and printed on looms using ancient gestures, it is air-dried and can be customized to measure, making your packaging unique in the world.

The paper is then processed and refined by us using modern, energy-saving machines powered by photovoltaic panels, with techniques that do not add material, therefore not affecting the biodegradability of the raw material.

The project was born from the question of how packaging can be created that can be 'eco-sustainable' in the true sense of the word , therefore throughout its life cycle, from the origin of the raw materials, to mass production up to post-consumption degradation - degradation and not recycling - because almost everything can be recycled if correctly disposed of... but recycling is an extremely complex, energy-intensive and polluting process even if absolutely necessary.

With Hempack CO&IN responds to the cornerstones for true eco-sustainability:

  • the raw material must be of local and natural origin , come from plantations grown without the use of poisons, and processed without the use of chemical additives
  • the transformation of the fiber into paper must be carried out locally to reduce transport to the minimum possible, using manual techniques with reduced energy use and without industrial chemical additives, as it was produced decades ago
  • must safeguard local agricultural and artisan activities, who with their work tell stories and give flavor to products that have become commonly used
  • the paper must be ennobled with techniques that do not add chemistry to the support such as dry relief, bas-relief, laser and the design of the product itself must be studied in order to optimize weight and volume to the maximum
  • the company that transforms it must be attentive to the environment and people , with a concrete welfare policy and a short and nearby supplier chain, it must use energy coming 100% from renewable sources

Packaging represents an enormous opportunity to build and affirm the brand's identity, a fundamental tool for identifying its strategic positioning. As the potential customer interacts with it, the packaging tells him about the brand, adding nuances to the consumer's brand perception, influencing his opinion through color, shape, material, weight, consistency and tactile feeling. It is therefore clear how important it is that these messages are transferred correctly and in an original way.

In CO&IN the "tailor made" design has focused on an exclusive and biodegradable mono-material creation as well as on the maximum reduction in weight and volume of the packaging itself, which with its aesthetic and intrinsic characteristics enhances the uniqueness of the product it will contain . With our support you will be able to experience the experience of designing completely customized packaging, in a sort of paper tailoring boutique, which will make your project unique and tailor-made for your brand.

At CO&IN we offer the possibility of customizing the paper even for small runs, for an even more "tailor made" experience.

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