Woven Labels: Details That Make the Difference

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  • EDT: 30 days

CO&IN woven labels are an authentic triumph of aesthetics and sustainability, born from the fusion between respect for the environment and the most refined craftsmanship. Each label is meticulously created using yarns of natural and recycled origin. Organic cotton, polyester satin and special yarns come to life through weaving techniques such as selvedge and heat-sealed, enriching the garments with an unprecedented visual quality.

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  • Each of the labels woven by CO&IN is not just an accessory, but a declaration of intent, a promise of durability and quality that captures the essence of the brand and communicates authentic values ​​and respect for the environment.

    Tradition and Innovation in CO&IN Woven Labels

    For years, CO&IN has stood out for its ability to integrate traditional techniques such as Japanese shuttle weaving and modern innovations such as ultrasonic cutting and laser shaping. This approach allows us to create jacquard woven labels from recycled polyester and organic cotton that are not only aesthetically superior but also meet rigorous environmental standards, such as Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification.

    Our labels can include unique details such as progressive numbering, woven QR codes, high-frequency embroidery and embossing that take fabric quality to a new level of excellence. Expanded customization options allow brands to convey their identity clearly and lastingly, making each label a key element of product design.

    Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Design

    Committed to sustainable manufacturing, we use recycled and natural yarns for all our woven labels, ensuring that every product contributes to reducing our carbon footprint. Our dedication to sustainability is also reflected in the choice of processes that minimize waste, such as selvedge and heat-sealed, which guarantee maximum efficiency and quality.

    At CO&IN, each woven label is a demonstration of our passion for quality and respect for the environment. We offer labeling solutions that not only elevate the aesthetics of your products but also promote responsible business practices, making each label a symbol of your commitment to sustainability.

    Unique customization solutions

    Visit our site or contact us to explore more woven label customization options and discover how they can transform your product.
    Ideal for clothing, accessories such as bags and shoes, or even furniture items, these labels can be fully customized to reflect your brand's style and values.

    We offer a wide variety of finishes and techniques, including ultrasonic cutting for a clean, crisp edge, heat sealing for added strength, or selvedge finishing for a richer, deeper textile effect.

    Customization can also extend to materials, with options such as organic cotton or recycled polyester, certified to ensure a reduced environmental impact.
    With CO&IN, every detail counts and every label is a step towards a more sustainable and stylistically innovative future.

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