CO&IN Personalized Cards: Versatility and Sustainability

  • MOQ: minimum 1000 pcs
  • EDT: 30 days

Leveraging a wide range of advanced printing techniques and high-quality materials, we produce cards for every occasion, always guaranteeing products that reflect the highest standards in both terms of aesthetics and environmental impact.
CO&IN's personalized cards represent the ideal solution for those looking to transmit a message distinctive and professional message.

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We can print on a wide variety of materials such as:

  • - natural papers
  • - marked/embossed/laid papers
  • - custom made cards
  • - pulp-dyed papers
  • - coated papers
  • - special cards
  • - recycled papers
  • - food grade papers
  • - parchment papers
  • - high thickness papers
  • - cast coated papers

And then:

  • - anti-slip resined cotton
  • - tyvek
  • - texon/jackron
  • - Recycled PET
  • - polypropylene
  • Whether it's about business cards, promotional cards, loyalty cards, event tickets, gift box cards or membership cards associative, each piece is created with care, using only certified and sustainable materials, and every production waste is completely recycled.

    This approach allows us to offer a wide range of customized solutions that respond to the various communication and marketing needs, while ensuring a minimal ecological footprint.

    Innovation and originality in Personalized Cards

    For years, CO&IN has been a point of reference in the personalized printing sector, standing out for the ability to offer completely customizable cards.

    Through the use of cutting-edge printing technologies such as digital printing, offset and vegetable-based inks, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions that meet the specific branding needs of our clients.
    Our production flexibility allows us to manage both large orders and small runs, always maintaining a high level of quality and visual coherence.

    Sustainability and CO&IN Certifications

    CO&IN's commitment to sustainability is reflected in all personalized cards that we produce. We use FSC® certified ecological and recycled papers, biodegradable plastic and others eco-friendly raw materials to minimize the environmental impact of our production.

    Furthermore, our process of recycling 100% of virgin paper and plastic waste demonstrates the our dedication to responsible and environmentally friendly production practices.

    Infinite Possibilities with CO&IN Custom Cards

    Visit our website to discover the variety of custom cards we offer and the customization options available.
    With CO&IN, you are assured of getting products that not only effectively communicate your message but do responsibly.

    Contact us today to find the best solution for you together with our internal graphic studio bring your ideas to life by turning them into personalized cards that leave a lasting impression.

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