Unique Patches and Badges for your Brand

  • MOQ: minimum 1000 pcs
  • EDT: 30 days

CO&IN patches represent an excellent choice for those seeking to express the uniqueness of their brand through personalized and stylish details.

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  • Also made with a wide selection of eco-sustainable materials, our patches are ideal for adding your brand logo to clothing, accessories and promotional items.

    Available in a wide range of materials and techniques, fabrics or leathers, imitation leathers or microfibres, regenerated or recycled, produced with food processing waste, printed with all the techniques available on the market

    Tradition and Innovation in every CO&IN Patch and Badge

    For years, CO&IN has been committed to combining traditional craftsmanship with the most modern production technologies to create customized patches and badges that reflect the identity and values ​​of our customers.

    Our custom-made patches in a wide range of materials offer infinite customization possibilities, ideal for the fashion, merchandising and many other sectors.

    Each product is the result of an accurate design and production process that aims at maximum customer satisfaction and respect for the environment.

    Customization of details in a sustainable way

    In line with our commitment to sustainability, CO&IN uses recycled materials, such as polyester recovered from frame waste and recycled felt, to create custom-made patches, patches and badges.

    This approach not only reduces waste but also supports a more responsible product lifecycle. We actively promote the use of renewable resources and production techniques that minimize environmental impact, confirming our leading role in the sector of personalized packaging and sustainable accessories.

    Explore the Possibilities with CO&IN

    Visit our website to discover the wide range of personalized patches that CO&IN has to offer. Whether you're looking for a badge for a corporate event, a decorative patch for a clothing line or a branded label for bags and accessories, we have the skills and resources to turn your idea into reality.

    With CO&IN, you can count on customized packaging solutions that combine creativity, quality and a concrete commitment to the environment.

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