Folding Cases and Boxes by CO&IN

  • MOQ: minimum 1000 pcs
  • EDT: 30 days

The customized folding cases and boxes made by CO&IN represent an optimal solution for packaging that combines elegant design and exceptional functionality.

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We can print on a wide variety of materials such as:

  • - natural papers
  • - marked/embossed/laid papers
  • - custom made cards
  • - pulp-dyed papers
  • - coated papers
  • - special cards
  • - recycled papers
  • - food grade papers
  • - parchment papers
  • - high thickness papers
  • - cast coated papers

And then:

  • - anti-slip resined cotton
  • - tyvek
  • - texon/jackron
  • - Recycled PET
  • - polypropylene
  • Made with a vast choice of cutting-edge materials and printing techniques, our small format folding boxes are perfectly suited to your every need, while ensuring minimal environmental impact.

    We offer different types of folding boxes, such as the self-assembling box, the simple case, the covered box and the gift boxes, all customizable to reflect the image of your brand and enhance the product contained.

    Technological innovation and extreme customization

    At CO&IN, we use printing technologies such as letterpress, hot foil, cold foil, holographic foil, thick gloss UV inks and other innovative techniques to create cases and folding boxes that are not only aesthetically appealing but also functional. These finishing technologies allow you to apply relief details, unique textures and high-level finishes that capture attention and communicate quality.

    Thanks to digital and offset printing, we can manage folding box projects that require extreme customization, from graphic design to the choice of materials. We can embellish the cases and folding boxes with woven paper ribbons and cords, for a product completely made of a single material but which stands out on the market.

    Sustainable and Certified Materials for Packaging

    Each of the custom folding boxes we make is produced with rigorous attention to sustainability. We use natural, marked, embossed, laid, pulp-dyed, coated, special, recycled, food-grade and parchment papers, as well as innovative materials such as anti-slip resin cotton, tyvek, texon/jackron and recycled PET.

    We can also create your own personalized paper, contact us to find out more. All materials are selected to guarantee the best performance while keeping an eye on the environment, supported by certifications such as FSC which ensure provenance from responsible sources and sustainable production processes.

    CO&IN folding boxes integrate perfectly into a complete packaging system that includes micro-packaging, button bags, security seals, hang tags, and much more. Each component is designed to work together harmoniously, offering cohesive, customized branding solutions that strengthen brand identity and enhance user experience.

    Commitment to Excellence and Environmental Responsibility

    Our mission does not stop at the production of folding boxes and cases.
    CO&IN is dedicated to reducing waste, optimizing energy and promoting industrial ecology through the adoption of zero-mile production practices and industrial recycling.

    Each phase of the production process is designed to minimize the environmental impact, from the recovery of materials to their transformation into superior quality finished products.

    Discover Our Folding Boxes

    Find out more about our folding pencil case and box options and the many customization options we offer.
    At CO&IN, we believe that good packaging can make the difference, elevating your product and enhancing your brand with folding box solutions that are at the same time beautiful, functional and environmentally friendly.

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