Collarini CO&IN: Innovation and Sustainability in Every Detail

  • MOQ: minimum 1000 pcs
  • EDT: 30 days

The collars produced by CO&IN are an excellent example of how advanced technology and environmental responsibility can merge to create high quality products. We use a wide range of materials, from natural to special papers, and innovative printing techniques to ensure that each collar is not only aesthetically appealing but also ecologically sustainable.

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We can print on a wide variety of materials such as:

  • - natural papers
  • - marked/embossed/laid papers
  • - custom made cards
  • - pulp-dyed papers
  • - coated papers
  • - special cards
  • - recycled papers
  • - food grade papers
  • - parchment papers
  • - high thickness papers
  • - cast coated papers

And then:

  • - anti-slip resined cotton
  • - tyvek
  • - texon/jackron
  • - Recycled PET
  • - polypropylene
  • Thanks to the use of materials such as recycled PET and polypropylene, together with recycled papers and product certifications, we ensure that 100% of paper and plastic waste is recycled, minimizing the environmental impact of our production.
    These personalized collars are ideal for adding a unique touch to food and non-food products, ensuring a notable visual impact and a strong sustainability message.

    Tradition and Innovation in the CO&IN collars

    With a history rich in innovation and an unwavering commitment to sustainability, CO&IN has perfected the art of custom collar making. Each piece is the result of a careful process that integrates high-quality materials and cutting-edge printing techniques such as glossy Braille, recyclable hot foil, and laser die-cutting. These methods not only deliver visually stunning finishes but are also testament to our commitment to responsible innovation.

    Sustainability and Customization

    By adopting sustainable materials such as anti-slip resin cotton, Tyvek, and Texon/Jackron, CO&IN is committed to diversifying its offering on the market. Our ability to print on food grade papers and other specialty materials demonstrates our versatility and dedication to meeting your specific needs. We customize the collars with techniques such as soft-touch lamination and holographic foil, ensuring that each product is not only functional but also one of a kind.

    A Commitment to the Future

    At CO&IN, we firmly believe in the importance of a sustainable approach at every stage of production.
    From design to final delivery, each collar reflects our commitment to a reduced environmental impact and to creating products that celebrate beauty and functionality without compromising ecological responsibility.

    Explore the Personalized Collar Solutions by CO&IN

    We invite you to discover how our customized collars can transform your product, elevating the presentation and strengthening the brand identity.
    You can discover more packaging solutions and better understand how our commitments to innovation and sustainability translate into exceptional products.

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