Creation of catalogs and leaflets

  • MOQ: minimum 1000 pcs
  • EDT: 30 days

The creation of CO&IN catalogs and micro-catalogues employs a process that combines cutting-edge printing techniques with strictly certified materials to guarantee exceptional quality and genuine respect for the environment. We can customize your catalogs with ad hoc closures, such as ribbons and cords, prints on special supports and alternative materials.

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We can print on a wide variety of materials such as:

  • - natural papers
  • - marked/embossed/laid papers
  • - custom made cards
  • - pulp-dyed papers
  • - coated papers
  • - special cards
  • - recycled papers
  • - food grade papers
  • - parchment papers
  • - high thickness papers
  • - cast coated papers

And then:

  • - anti-slip resined cotton
  • - tyvek
  • - texon/jackron
  • - Recycled PET
  • - polypropylene
  • We use ecological and recycled papers, scrupulously selected and certified, to ensure the sustainability of each product, from the cover to the last page.
    Our printing technology for creating catalogs and leaflets uses water-based inks and other eco-compatible solutions, with processes optimized to reduce waste to a minimum. This approach reflects our ongoing commitment to high-quality, environmentally responsible production.

    Innovation and Quality in Catalog Creation

    At CO&IN, catalog creation is a process that combines precision craftsmanship and technological innovation. We are experts in the use of different printing techniques, from digital to offset, to meet the specific needs of each customer.
    Whether it is product catalogues, information leaflets or promotional micro-catalogues, each project is managed with care and attention to detail, to guarantee impeccable results.

    Sustainability at the Center of Our Production

    Each catalog produced by CO&IN follows rigorous sustainability standards. We are proud of our commitment to using recycled and recyclable materials, certified to the highest environmental standards, such as FSC® certification.

    This not only guarantees quality in catalog creation but also protects natural resources, reducing the environmental impact of production.

    Why Choose CO&IN for Catalog Creation

    Choosing CO&IN for the creation of catalogs and leaflets means relying on a partner who carefully evaluates the environmental impact of each production phase.
    Our 100% recycling process of virgin paper and plastic waste is just one example of our commitment to reducing waste and promoting a virtuous production cycle.

    With CO&IN, each catalog is not only a marketing tool, but also testimony to your commitment to sustainability.
    Explore our customized catalog creation solutions and discover how we can help you transform your ideas into effective and environmentally friendly communication tools.
    Our internal graphics department will be able to support you in the design and creation solutions of your printed products.

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